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Previo en Origen
(Container Loading Inspection)
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previo en origen

Previo en Origen (Container Loading Inspection)

It is the inspection of the merchandise that will be shipped from the country of origin to facilitate its clearance at the Mexican Customs. With the information collected during the inspection, the customs broker can issue the customs pre-entry before the arrival of the shipment, achieving a faster and safer customs clearance, eliminating unnecessary costs.

¿qué se verifica?

What is checked during the Inspection?

  • Conditions of the loading place.
  • Conditions of the container.
  • Container loading process.
  • Packaging verification.
  • Box marking (shipping marks).
  • Labeling and commercial information.
  • Total number of boxes loaded into the container.
  • Number of pieces per box.
  • Product characteristics for tariff classification purposes.


  • The “Previo” Container Loading Inspection at Origin is carried out when loading the container.
  • We contact the supplier to coordinate date, time, and confirm loading place.
  • Our inspectors attend on the scheduled date and time.
  • The packing list is requested from the supplier.
  • Photographic evidence of the surroundings of the load, products, and containers is taken.
  • Then, our inspector issues an inspection report.
¿Que no se verifica?

What is not included in the inspection at the origin?

It is not a quality inspection. Our inspections are not aimed at rating the supplier. It is an inspection with a customs clearance focus and supply chain time optimization.

Main Benefits

  • It guarantees the quality and safety of your products before shipment.
  • It optimizes customs clearance time and risk mitigation.
  • Supported by Blockchaintechnology, legally recognized in Mexico since June 2023.
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