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Digital Transformation of the First Mile in the Supply Chain
Discover how our services can transform your supply chain and add exceptional value to your business.

Digital Transformation of the First Mile in the Supply Chain

The digital transformation of the First Mile in the Supply Chain refers to the application of digital technologies to improve and optimize processes in the initial phase of the supply chain. The First Mile encompasses all activities from production or acquisition of raw materials to delivery to the next link in the chain, which could be a distribution center or storage facility.

Digital transformation at this stage involves implementing technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, blockchain, and other digital solutions. These technologies are used to collect real-time data, improve process visibility, optimize inventory planning and management, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve decision-making.

In summary, the digital transformation of the First Mile in the Supply Chain seeks to modernize and improve initial chain processes by using digital technologies to increase efficiency, transparency, and competitiveness in an increasingly digitized business environment.

How do we do it

How do we do it

  • We digitize container loading inspection and bring the information to blockchain.
  • It allows secure and efficient information transmission to our customers.

Digital Transformation of Information in Industries:

Find out how our services can benefit your company in these diverse industries:

  • Retailers: Elevate operational efficiency and improve customer experience with our cutting-edge technology.
  • Customs Brokers: Simplify your operations and improve accuracy with our advanced inspection solution.
  • Importers: Optimize your import processes and ensure product safety with our digitization and tracking solution.
  • National Agricultural Products Trade: Ensure freshness and quality of your products from the field to the market with our first-mile digitization solution.
  • Factories and Manufacturing of Industrial Components: Improve traceability and quality of your end products with our supply chain digitization and optimization solution.
  • Regional Trade in North America: Leverage the benefits of digitization to improve efficiency and transparency in your regional business operations.
  • Nearshoring: Maximize nearshoring opportunities with our first-mile digitization solution, ensuring efficiency and security in your import and export operations.
  • Passenger Transport: Improve safety and efficiency in your passenger transport operations with our first-mile digitization solution, which provides a comprehensive view of each trip and its passengers.
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