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FIRST MILE Solutions for Supply Chain Supported by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence
Welcome to Telescope Inspection, your strategic partner in first-mile solutions and advanced supply chain management!
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Discover how our innovative solutions can drive your business and provide you with an unparalleled competitive advantage in the global market.

Solutions for Your Foreign Trade Project

Discover How Our Services Can Transform Your Supply Chain and Add Exceptional Value to Your Business

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Container Loading Inspection for México:

Experience the peace of mind of a secure and efficient supply chain from origin to final destination in Mexico. Our origin inspection service ensures full compliance with Mexican customs laws and regulations, in addition to optimizing import times and mitigating associated risks.

transformación digital

Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain:

At Telescope, we are leading the digital revolution in the supply chain. Our digital transformation not only optimizes existing processes but also provides new opportunities for efficiency, transparency, and innovation across the chain.

Blockchain: Our Competitive Advantage

We developed a Blockchain system that allows us to fully digitize the First Mile in the Supply Chain. We named it Efficax System.

sistema efficax

Efficax System is an information management tool developed under Blockchain technology that allows us to maintain the integrity and security of the information collected by Telescope during our inspection. This information is always available and visible to users from any device connected to the internet.


  • Information delivery methods: online or downloadable
  • Data collection at maximum detail level.
  • Online visualization for Carbon Footprint Reduction.
  • Bulk download of inspection files or specific according to customer requirements.
  • Provide transparency about General Loading Aspects.
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